Joining AAACTT


Membership of this association provides an entry in one of more of the directories on this site and access to further Acceptance Action Trainings. To join, please complete the following form:


Services That you Provide:




As a coach or therapist, do you provide services face-to-face, via Skype or by phone?




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Important Information!


For items marked **, send an email to , with the subject name ‘Evidence’,attaching copies of evidence. (For the therapist requirement re reading the second half of ‘Acceptance Action Therapy’ book, a copy of the book cover will suffice). Also please attach a photo of yourself.

When you’ve received approval to join the AAACTT, payment will be required before your details are placed on the relevant ‘Find an Acceptance Action Coach, Therapist or Trainer’ directory on the site.


The Fee of AAACT is either one of the following:

£8.00 per month (approx. US$ 11)

£80.00 per year (approx. US$ 110)

Note: All net proceeds of AAACTT, Acceptance Action Trainings, The AAT book and the PMT Graduates Forum will be passed on to well-known established charities