Some of the testimonials below refer to “The Power to Choose”, the previous name for Positive Mind Training (PMT)

“The most succinct, useful and effective training I’ve ever encountered”
Michael Queen, CEO 3i, a FTSE 100 company; member of the UK Prime Minister’s advisory group
“If a training could change the world and the lives of everyone in it, this is surely such a training”
Mark Nesbitt, director Urban Leaf
“It’s totally unique and extraordinarily effective. I’ve experienced several leading international development trainers. Your training has had a far greater impact than all of them put together”
Mark Forster, Entrepreneur
“A major positive impact on any organisation and anyone’s life”
University of London
“Occasionally there’s someone saying something that makes you stop and listen. Graham W Price is one of these. His teaching is truly powerful”
The London Magazine
“Does it work? Heck yes, it’s highly effective”
Evening Standard
“Our staff found it empowering, uplifting and practical; I cannot recommend it enough”
Simone Plaut, Manager, MS Society
“It’s opened a lot of new doors for me. It was insightful, inspiring and life changing. My life is so much easier now. I strongly recommend it to everyone”
Keren Lerner, CEO Top Left Design

“Easily the best personal development training I’ve ever attended”
Wayne Davies, CEO Agazze
“The training is revolutionary; it’s changed my life”
Michelle Horwood, banker
“Graham’s teaching blew me away”
Robin Baron, lawyer
Henry Minto, mediator
“It’s unique, powerful and practical. Everyone must hear this”
Jonathan Bream, coach
“So powerful”
Jennifer Wedge, marketing consultant
“The best life skills training I’ve ever come across. It’s had a huge impact. I highly recommend it”
Sally Nealon, utilities consultant
“I’m more positive and productive in my personal and business life. I’ve no hesitation in recommending it to anyone”
Mark Simons, rentals agent
“I’m no longer getting irritated; a big change for me”
Shirley Mather, marketer
“The weight is just falling off me. Success at last”
Jenny Burton, carer
“This is mind-blowing stuff; it’s changed the way I think about life”
Martina Elsen, trainer
“A truly exceptional experience”
Alan Johnson, bespoke furniture
“It’s full of innovative simple to use strategies. Thank you Graham for all the help you’ve given me”
Georgie Druce, interior designer
“I’m now in control of, and confident of, my future”
Alan Driver, travel consultant
“Graham is a master of his subject; it has been a revelation”
Susan Beck, coach
“I’ve started to break through fear. It’s simple and effective”
Mark Proctor, administrator
“Why didn’t someone tell me this years ago? I guess they just didn’t know”
Walter Ockenden, financial analyst
“The ideas you presented are so powerful. Thanks for inspiring me”
Monica Regan, health consultant
“Truly groundbreaking”
Marie Wong, broker
“I’ve learned tools and techniques that have had a huge impact on my life”
Warren Day, IT specialist
“I feel truly content and powerful, for the first time”
Michelle Porter, trader
“It’s had immediate benefits. I’ve learnt ways of thinking that make a huge difference to my life.”
Jenny Cutler, image consultant
“Your course has had a powerful effect on my life”
Neil John Kiernan, accountant
“I’m seeing possibilities and making plans that I couldn’t have imagined previously”
Adrian Barrett, speaker trainer
“I now know how to climb back on the wagon if I fall off … and how not to fall off”
Chantal Cooke, PR Consultant
“It’s changed my life by making me a better husband, being more focused on my business and creating fresh ideas for the community”
Stephen Banks, CEO, Local Insider Ltd